• WARNING: Cigar smoking can cause cancers of the mouth and throat, even if you do not inhale.

Our History

B&B Tobacconists began as Bruce's Pipe Shop in a small retail area at the intersection of Merrimon and Edgewood. The founder, Bruce Barnes, had recently retired from 30 years of radio sales and found himself being bored. His boredom in retirement gave birth to Bruce's Pipe Shop.

The first items he sold were pipes and pipe tobacco along with cigars from General Cigar Company and J.C. Newman coming on board after being open for about 6 months of operation. The shop relocated to it's current location in 1984.

Bruce continued to run the shop until his death in 1991. His wife, Doris, took it over from there.

Doris operated the shop for 9 years before she suddenly became ill. Her son, David, retired early from the State Bureau of Investigation to take care of Doris and to take over running the shop.

In May of 2001, Mike Booher and David became partners in the business. A few years later another partner, Jeff Showers, came on board. Since then, both Mike and Jeff have left the partnership. To this day Mike stills is a daily regular and advises David.

Now all that's left is for you to join our history and come enjoy a place on the "Liars' Bench".

Meet the Crew

When it comes to spinning tales and sharing history, our staff is almost as good at it as we are at helping you find a new pipe, cigar, or tobacco.

David 1

David Barnes


The current owner of B&B's, David was born in Iowa but grow up here in Asheville. He has spent most of his life serving as an Asheville Police Officer and as a Special Agent with the NC State Bureau of Investigation, retiring as Special Agent in Charge of the Western District.

Charlie 2

Charlie Davis


Charlie is a man of many talents with the gift of gab. A jack of all trades, He has experience in many fields and trades ranging from chimney sweeping to radiography. He currently manages the shop and is well-versed in pipes, cigars, and everything in-between. Quite passionate of the lifestyle, Charlie is a friendly conversationalist who truly enjoys entertaining in our lounges.


Terry Levi

Pipe Master

Retired from Lockheed Martin, Terry began smoking tobacco pipes at an early age of adulthood and have bought, sold and smoked just about everything in the way of tobacco pipes. If you have questions or are seeking to begin smoking tobacco, he's the guy you want to talk to.

Mark 2

Mark Vincenc

IT & Security

Mark was brought on by David after being a regular for almost a year. Previously he served with the US Army for 10 years and is now starting a career combating child exploitation with the H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps as a Cyber Forensics Analyst. He also is an assistant firearms and tactics instructor at Blue Ridge Marksmanship here in WNC.

B&B Tobacconists are proud supporters of:

US Armed Forces and Auxilliaries

The National Association to Protect Children (PROTECT) (https://www.protect.org/)

H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps (http://www.herocorps.net/)

Law Enforcement


Medical Services

Blue Ridge Marksmanship (http://blueridgemarksmanship.com/)